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When we first met outside our children’s preschool 15 years ago, our personal connection was immediate. We struck up a fast friendship, bonding over things we had in common: Not only were we both taking time off from our busy careers and had children the same age, but we both shared a passion for the transformative power of beauty products. 

With a background in product development (Patricia’s) and in finance (Saima’s) under our belts, it wasn’t long until we were dreaming of beginning our next chapter: One that showcased our passions, highlighted our expertise, fostered creativity and at its heart, reflected our shared values of inclusivity, and meeting life’s challenges (hello, aging!) with humor and grace. 

Creating clean, multi-tasking products to break the standard mold of beauty was at the core of our vision.

The result is a modern beauty brand that addresses the changes in our skin, our different ethnicities and the beauty industry’s perception of real women. Inspired by our rich Latina and Pakistani cultures, EpicLight is a celebration of women of all skin tones, all skin types, and all ages. Because looking and feeling beautiful never gets old.

Skin-First Makeup

We understand the joy that the right makeup can elicit; we’re also aware of the importance of caring for skin with clean, beneficial ingredients—at any stage of life. EpicLight Beauty products are thoughtfully formulated with high-grade active ingredients that work with your skin, not against it.

We believe makeup can perform without harmful toxins. All of our products are paraben, sulfate and cruelty-free, even fragrance-free! We worked tirelessly to source skin-loving ingredients and formulate solutions alongside with the bests chemists and labs to create luxe products that perform at the highest standards.

EpicLight is our promise to you. We promise to promote a balance between playfulness and beauty; to welcome you as you are; to inspire you to radiate your beauty out into the world. 

Let’s toast to your Epic light! 

Patricia & Saima

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Uplifting Women Through Beauty

A portion of your purchase will go to The Society of Women's Health Research (SWHR) which is dedicated to improving women's health through science, policy and education.

Women have unique health needs, and most diseases and conditions affect women differently than men.

Creating a community of empowered women starts with giving back. We are proud to support the SWHR in their mission.